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There are a variety of ways to get your house designed. Here a few pros/cons to think about as you consider the options.

Pre-Designed Plans – Builders will usually offer some pre-designed plans to choose from. These can be modified to suit your needs. They are usually a better value but may not be able to meet all your design criteria. You will get a more accurate budget to work from as the builder will already know the costs of building the plan.

Internet Plans – There are thousands of plans online these days. They can also provide a good value. However, modifying them is challenging as you won’t really have access to the architect or designer. They are selling you a license and plan to build. One other consideration is how they are drawn compared to how homes are built in your market. A west coast plan has different criteria for codes than an east coast plan.

Designer – If you have a strong feel for what you want and need a bit of help getting your personal ideas drawn then a plan designer is a good fit for you. They have a lot of experience in CAD and can aid you with design issues. They are not usually licensed architects but cost a fraction of the expense while still giving you a custom plan.

Architect – You can get a site built design that will be truly unique and cater to all your needs. Architects are super creative and very capable to translate your needs to a fabulous design. They are also familiar with more products and how to use them. Great at a custom result but at a higher expense. The house they design will also be more expensive to build in most cases.

All are good choice depending on what you are trying to achieve. I would tend to avoid the Internet based plans as a builder just because there is no access to the designer in real time. Your builder can help match you up with the right option.

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