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Not all Land is created Equal

Telfair Nolensville

Congratulations! You found land to build your dream home, now what? Not all land is created equal. When selecting a place to build be sure you identify the risks to understand what the true cost of the land will be. Sometime a free lot is too expensive!

Site conditions can be a major expense on raw land. How long will the driveway be? How much rock is on the lot? Trenching utilities through rock is very expensive. Are there slopes that might require retaining walls? How much clearing will be required to make room for the home?

Be sure to confirm utility locations and costs. The further from the building pad the more the expense. Is there a sewer line available or are you going to need a septic system? Not all septic systems are the same and costs can vary considerably. Is the water coming from a well? The well head just provides access to the water. You will face added costs to install pumps and a tank to complete the system.

These items can all be addressed but they can impact your budget more than you might anticipate. Get your builder involved for help understanding all the variables and happy hunting!

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